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In This Section
Browser-safe Colors
Borland Delphi software
Net Send GUI
Browser Popup Window Killer

External Links
The Delphi Super Page

AngleLabel Demo
CircleLabel Demo
MarquisLights Demo
AngleLabel, Delphi 1
AngleLabel, Delphi 2
AngleLabel, Delphi 3
CircleLabel, Delphi 1
CircleLabel, Delphi 2
MarquisLights, Delphi 1
MarquisLights, Delphi 2
MarquisLights, Delphi 3
AD&D 1.0 Height/Weight Generator
Net Send GUI
Net Send GUI Source

This section collects all of my publicly available coding efforts together in one place. There are also some tidbits here to aid fellow coder, but not many, just a few.