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Java Dice Roller
Java AD&D Stats Generator
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Mapmaker for BattleTech
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I'm a gamer; I play some board games, some collectible card games, the occasional war game, and a lot of good ol' paper role-playing. Being a gamer goes almost hand-in-hand with being a computer geek, which I most definitely am.

My current favorite system is GURPS from Steve Jackson Games. It's a fairly flexible system that caters to any number of gaming worlds (fantasy, space opera, detective, horror, dark future) and puts an emphasis on role-playing and realism. I used to be an AD&D gamer, but I got tired of it; the system caters too much to abuse by power games and hack-n-slashers. I used to play a bit of BattleTech as well but ultimately got tired of the 3050 'mechs, equipment, and history. FASA went too far, in my opinion, and created a bunch of power gamer expansions.

I'd also like to take the time to mention here Pyramid Magazine. Steve Jackson Games used to produce a paper version of Pyramid but had to drop the dead-tree edition at the end of 1997 due to a lot of factors. Anyone involved in the RPG scene should recall that 1997-1998 were some very hard economic times for the RPG industry. Pyramid bounced back though, better than ever, as an online magazine. If you're interested in checking out the magazine and maybe subscribing, just click on the pic below. In the interests of full disclosure, I will mention that anyone who signs up off this link earns me a free month of the magazine.

Included in this section is a program I wrote sometime ago to convert the output of another program from text based maps suitable for the Battletech 3055 MUSE to paper maps suitable for a BattleTech gamer to use. There are much better tools out there now then this, I am sure, but I'm still including it in my site for the sake of completeness.