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This is where I keep everything that doesn't really fit anywhere else. A lot of personal stuff here, mostly; the kinds of things family, relatives, or crazed stalkers need to know. Here are the highlights;

Our Home -- The American Dream: to own a home. The Web Thing To Do: Put up pictures in case someone cares.

Wedding Pics -- Maybe you know us. Maybe you're just a voyeur. In any event a couple pics from my wife and I's wedding are on my page for your perusal. This was a medieval wedding so don't expect a white dress and a black tux, okay?

Geek Business Card Holder -- Business cards, shiny stainless steel, old circuit boards. The perfect combination for any computer geek.

Geek Key Ring -- Hmm ... dead 3dfx graphics cards and drill bits. Why buy cool geekwear when you can make your own?

Dreamcatchers -- A few of the dreamcatchers my wife has made during her pursuit of Native American studies.