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AngleLabel Demo
CircleLabel Demo
MarquisLights Demo
AngleLabel, Delphi 1
AngleLabel, Delphi 2
AngleLabel, Delphi 3
CircleLabel, Delphi 1
CircleLabel, Delphi 2
MarquisLights, Delphi 1
MarquisLights, Delphi 2
MarquisLights, Delphi 3
AD&D 1.0 Height/Weight Generator
Net Send GUI
Net Send GUI Source

Once upon a time, someone emailed me a series of stick figures performing the Macarena. I was bored, I had the email, and Delphi was there. Several revisions and a trip to a Macarena website later, my Macarena program was born! You too can annoy other people with dancing stick figures performing to a snippet of the Macarena song. Works well on most Windows 95 machines although it has experience some timing problems on Dell Pentium Pros.

Macarena (254K)

Screenshot of Macarena!