Welcome to the continuing story of the extraordinarily unorganized and woefully unupdated home page for daestroke.com. Daestroke.com is now a Mac Mini. It has been a few different Linux servers over the years but I'd like to get some desk space back and Mac OS X is niftily UNIX-like these days. It's still in the basement of our house in Livonia, Michigan. The following are links that used to be relevant to this story:

Other programming notes...

Underworld Dreams MUD
This Envy MUD has had a history of sites, imms, uptimes, and downtimes, but it has been hosted here for a looooooong time now. The original players seemed to have an almost supernatural ability to find it -- during the first week up (while still being playtested for bugs) it had already attracted the attention of Macavity, one of it's former players.

The Otter Limit's
This web site was formerly hosted at ic.net, an ISP in Ann Arbor. It was rather rudely dumped here with dreams of someday merging it into the rest of the site. Where it ended up seems to be where it'd going to remain.

Last updated 2013-05-22 (only took 5 years for an update) while being moved from one server to another in the same basement of the same house. Yep, still woefully unorganized.